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We aren’t all created equal, especially when it comes to eye wear. Gordon Eye Care offers a large selection of affordable eye glasses, frames, lenses, sunglasses, specialty & safety eye wear, and accessories for the entire family. Choosing the right eye wear can be a challenging process. Its a difficult task to find that perfect combination of vision, comfort and style that suits your individual needs, image and personalty. Our eye wear professionals will help you select the color, style and shape to ensure that your new glasses are JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!

Gordon Eye Care is your full service, one-stop eye wear solution shop. Our state-of-the-art optical lab is located on-site, enabling us to fill most eyeglasses prescriptions with same-day service. Because we are an independent optical provider, we offer competitive rates and the best value for eyeglasses in Broward County.

In addition to improving your vision, your eye wear impacts your self perception. Just like your clothing fashion, the eyeglasses and sunglasses you wear make a statement about who you are. This is why we offer a large variety of designer styles, colors, shapes and sizes which will suit your eyesight, your image, and your wallet.

We are committed to delivering the best value to our patients by providing the highest level of service and the finest quality family eye wear products. Every pair of eyeglasses from Gordon Eye Care meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute requirements for prescription accuracy. We understand that purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses is always an important and personal decision. Our optical center customers purchase more than just a new pair of glasses. Come in to Gordon Eye Care today and leave feeling like a NEW YOU with a NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE...Contact us NOW and Open Your Eyes to Clear Vision.

Gordon Eye Care has an AMAZING SELECTION of KID'S EYEGLASSES. We offer a wide variety of kid's frames and scratch-resistant lenses, all at affordable prices and made to be durable and long-lasting. Our eyeglass frames for children come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal and memory metal, that are tough, sturdy, flexible, lightweight, and strong enough to let kids be kids, while enjoying clear vision. At Gordon Eye Care we pride ourselves on offering stylish designer frames for your children that helps them see clearly and look great at the same time.


Eye wear may have ancient origins, but due to recent innovations in optical correction, eyeglasses are more popular today than ever.  The latest advancements in lens design help us to see better now than we ever could before. No matter what your eye condition may be, we provide prescription lenses that will meet your unique lifestyle and vision correction needs. Transition Lenses change as the light changes, from clear indoors to dark outdoors. Bifocal Lenses provide multiple fields of vision. High-index Lenses are thinner and lighter than ever before. High-definition Lenses can give you sharper vision than you've ever had. Progressive Lenses eliminate the traditional lines of multi-focal lenses. We can even Treat/Coat  lenses to be anti-reflective, resist scratches, and even avoid fogging. 

The point is, while eyeglass lenses are prescribed to correct all kinds of vision problems, prescription eye wear has come a long way—offering you the opportunity to truly customize your eyeglasses and make a personal statement about how you choose to view the world.

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